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Joinitlive is a tool designed keeping the specific needs of consultants in mind. This tool enables the consultants to create their landing page - consider it as a mini website- within seconds ! The landing page has built in Audio and Video paid consultation features enabling the consultant to receive and answer paid consultation calls while he / she carries on his / her usual day’s routine. More than 100K consultants are currently using Joinitlive to monetize their social media and offline audience into paid consultation sessions by sharing their landing page link within their audience network. The landing page is completely free to create and the consultant gets charged a flat 10% commission on the paid calls transactions that happens over her landing page.

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Accordion Sample DesJoinitlive is a tool that enables consultants to create a professional landing page with paid video and audio calls functionality. Consultant can then share this landing page among his / her audience via Youtube channel, Instagram profile, Facebook page, Twitter handle, Whatsapp group or even through offline channels. The visitor to this page, reviews the consultant profile, chooses audio or video call option, makes an online payment and gets connected with the consultant. Post the call, the earnings of the consultant gets credited into his / her account within a week. This way, Joinitlive helps consultante to source new clients and monetize them. cription
Below are the steps to create a profile / landing page on Joinitlive. 1. Choose your landing page name which would reflect in your URL by clicking here 2. Define your consultation category,per minute consultation charges and enter your mobile number. 3. Verify your entered mobile number by entering the OTP sent on your mobile phone. 4. Further enrich your profile by adding a short description about your services, expertise/ experience , upload your profile photo, enter your social media and website links.
The interested user follows the below steps once he has gone through your Joinitlive landing page. Choses either a video or audio call to connect with you. Fills up his / her name and mobile number which is OTP verified. Makes a payment corresponding to your per minute consultation charges. You receive an intimation to start the consultation session through your mobile phone. Post the consultation session, the unutilised amount gets refunded to the user.
Joinitlive works on pay per use model for the consultant. The consult creates his / her landing page for free. Joinitlive earns by charging a 10% flat commission on the earnings of the consultant via the Joinitlive landing page.
Joinitlive helps consultant to gain deep insights on his / her audience. These insights are displayed on the consultant dashboard and includes the following:- Source of the traffic coming on the landing page Name, mobile number of the users who connected with the consultant Clicks on the various links shared by the consultant on his / her landing page Further , we are in the process of adding more features to the dashboard.
Joinitlive is a mobile browser based tool where neither the consultant nor the client needs to download any application on his / her mobile phone to start using the tool.

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