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In today’s digital landscape, the demand for online consultations is surging, compelling consultants worldwide to seek innovative ways to connect with clients. emerges as a comprehensive solution designed explicitly for consultants aiming to augment their online presence and amplify their earnings through streamlined services.

Surge in Online Consultations

The digital age has witnessed an unprecedented surge in online consultations. Consultants across diverse domains are exploring new avenues to establish a global clientele base. Amidst this digital revolution, the need for a platform that resonates with the unique requisites of consultants becomes paramount.

Creating a Professional Image

The cornerstone of maximizing online consultation earnings lies in presenting a professional and compelling image. excels in enabling consultants to craft a stunning landing page within seconds, akin to owning a personalized mini-website. This feature serves as an impressive showcase of expertise and offered services, instantly capturing potential clients’ attention.

Integrated Paid Audio and Video Calls

A standout feature of is its integrated functionality for paid audio and video calls. This seamless system empowers clients to initiate paid consultations effortlessly in real-time. Not only does this feature enhance the convenience of services, but it also guarantees consultants fair compensation for their invaluable time and expertise.

Flexible Charging on a Per Minute Basis

Recognizing the significance of consultants’ time, implements a transparent per-minute charging system. This model ensures equitable compensation aligned with the consultation duration, fostering trust and accountability between consultants and their clients.

Swift Payouts Every 7 Days

Earning from online consultations should be devoid of unnecessary complexities. simplifies the payment process by directly crediting consultants’ earnings to their bank accounts every seven days. Additionally, the platform operates on a transparent 10% commission fee, ensuring consultants receive the lion’s share of their hard-earned income.

Real-time Notifications via WhatsApp

Seamless communication with clients forms the crux of a successful online consultancy. facilitates this by sending real-time notifications via WhatsApp. These notifications encompass missed calls, call charges, and consultant availability, ensuring a seamless experience and aiding consultants in managing their consultation schedule effectively.

Access to Detailed Client Information

Effortlessly accessing vital client information is imperative for consultants. offers a user-friendly dashboard, providing essential client details like names and phone numbers. This feature empowers consultants to maintain personalized connections with clients and initiate follow-up calls seamlessly.

Cloud Telephony for Seamless Calls ensures crystal-clear consultation calls through its innovative cloud telephony system. This technology enables consultants and clients to connect using standard telecom networks, eliminating the need for additional app downloads. This simplicity ensures a smooth and accessible consultation experience for all parties involved.

No App Downloads Required

In a user-centric approach, requires no app downloads for consultants or clients. This streamlined accessibility ensures clients can seamlessly connect with consultants, significantly enhancing overall satisfaction and accessibility of the services.

Conclusion: – Maximizing Online Consultation Earnings In conclusion, emerges as the ultimate solution for consultants aspiring to maximize their online consultation earnings. With a plethora of features tailored for simplicity, transparency, and professionalism, this platform empowers consultants to focus on delivering value to their clients. Elevate your online consultancy business with and unlock new realms of success.


1. Is suitable for all types of consultants? caters to a wide array of consultants, offering tailored features for various domains, ensuring its suitability for diverse consultants.

2. How frequently are payouts processed on Earnings from consultations are credited directly to the consultant’s bank account every seven days.

3. Can clients connect internationally using Yes, facilitates global connectivity for consultants and clients without any geographical constraints.

4. Are there additional charges for using’s features? operates on a transparent 10% commission fee without any hidden charges for its features.

5. Does provide customer support for consultants? Absolutely, offers comprehensive customer support to assist consultants in maximizing their experience and resolving queries promptly.

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